eSchool is the result of extensive contemplation, research, and real-world experimentation with the latest educational models. Its aim is to bring “JOY, LOVE, EXCELLENCE” to students through a focus on the joy of learning, a nurturing environment of love and care, and the delivery of exceptional educational quality.

eSchool - Thanh My Loi 20 Street no.65, Thanh My Loi Ward, Thu Duc City, HCMC (028) 3620 3377

eSchool - A Boutique Village School

2023 – Last Day of School, Welcome Summer an incredible day to bid farewell to another amazing academic year! Our eSchoolers had an absolute blast on 9 June, embracing the summer vibes and creating unforgettable memories. 💦🌴 Students had a blast with water activities, a pool party, enjoyed a delicious lunch with a fusion of European and Asian menus. But that’s not all! We also took the time to recognize and celebrate the achievements of our incredible students during the last academic year. 🎉💦🍽️🎓 Enjoy the well-deserved break, recharge those batteries, and get ready to embark on new adventures in the upcoming academic year. ☀️🌴📚 #eschool #oicschool #OxfordInternationalCurriculum #joyoflearning #LastDayOfSchool #WelcomeSummer #CelebratingAchievements

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